Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fresh Start

It's been months and months since I last wrote in my previous family blog. I took care to write about every good thing, every perfect moment that I had as a wife and mother.  I didn't write about my kids' tantrums, dishes piling up, the bun that made it's residence on top of my head and much more.  My personal struggles with faith and self worth I'd dare not touch on.

After awhile I realized that I was feeling depressed, like I couldn't amount to what a wife and mother was suppose to be.  My unkempt hair, pile of laundry, and dishes from dinner slowly made me feel like I was failing. Then recently I noticed something wonderful.

My kitchen wasn't always perfect, my makeup hardly done, toys were scattered here and there. But...

My children were smiling all the time. My daughter Abby was walking and learning. My two youngest were best of friends. Bronco gives hugs and kisses and "I love you's" to us all. He doesn't thank me for doing the dishes but thanks me for putting down the sponge and dancing with him. My daughter doesn't stop fussing because I'm scrubbing out the fridge, she giggles and laugh because I'm reading her stories. I noticed my children were loving, happy and healthy.

Basically I finally decided that keeping up with the day to day was as easy as knowing imperfection is OK.
And that alone, has made all the difference in me and for my family. So this new family blog is a fresh start and a chance for me to embrace EVERY moment that comes my way.


Mrs Lee

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