Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a New Year

I  know the title of my post is pretty conspicuous and seems redundant. However it's exactly how I feel. I think of the words, "it's a new year" and I just feel a weight lift off my shoulders.  2013 started out extremely rough and dim. We were unsure of what life had in store for us, where we'd end up and how our year would pan out.

Through a series of miracles, blessings and following our hearts we turned 2013 into a positive. We took a leap of faith, left Idaho and moved to Utah. The job didn't pay more than any Jon could have gotten in Idaho. Yet the idea of him working Mon-Fri 8-5 was too good to turn down. We knew any job he'd take in Idaho meant crazy schedules, working too much over time and never having dad home for the weekend.

The move to Utah was not a smooth one at all. The house we originally planned to rent turned out to be everything we would NEVER dream of living in. I was amazed at the dishonest of the person who sent us pictures and told us about the home. I was blessed that I didn't follow the man's suggestion to pay him before getting to Utah and seeing the home.

Jon and his dad arrived with our belongings shortly after the epic home fail. I was devastated. I felt it was my fault, that I should have listened better to that voice in the back of my head. My wonderful in-laws (who had accompanied us on the trip) took Bronco and Shelby back to Idaho. Jon and I stayed in Utah in hopes of finding a place to call home for our family.

The deadline before Jon started his new job was creeping up on us and so was the pressure. We had agreed that if we didn't find a place that felt right or that we could afford, Abigail and I would go back to Idaho and Jon would start his job. When he found a place then we'd all come up to meet him.

It was the day before we would have to separate for a short while.  There was one specific apartment complex that I had tried calling and calling and could not get in touch with. Finally they answered. We went and toured the apartment that was available. It wasn't anything grand, it wasn't a house (like we'd hoped to find) and it wasn't the nicest place available. However it FELT right. We both felt like that apartment is where we needed to be.

We signed the lease and braved ourselves for our newest adventure.  There was something in both Jonathan and I that told us this move and this job would be different; it would be better.

It was. No doubt it's been difficult at times. But getting this little apartment put Abigail in a great school district for her pre-school, a great ward for her and the work schedule for Jonathan has blessed us all.

With our family about to grow it's numbers we're having to move out (unruly neighbors and prices rising are helping nudge us too) when our lease is up. I feel like finding that place for us to settle down for awhile in is going to help kiss 2013 goodbye for good. It ended on a great note but we want to make sure that 2014 starts out great and goes uphill all year long. Our goal for 2014 is to cuddle up on New Year's Eve and feel fulfilled and know in our hearts that we did everything in our power to be successful in all things.

That's a feeling worth working toward.


Mrs Lee

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